41 thoughts on “Stinku

  1. That stinky best stay away! Of course, if you got its pic, it can’t be too far, eh?
    Good thing your kitties stay inside!
    Fabulous sky shots, too

    • They have the catio and deck, and, if you remember, Spunk got sprayed when a skunk slipped through the wire in the catio. I had to sleep with a stinky cat. Thanks, Dale.

      • Yes! As I pressed send and I remembered that! I thought, wait a minute…. Hopefully Pepe stays farther away.

      • Pepe and Pepet were frolicking in the vinca making skunky love. I don’t think they were interested in getting into the catio.

      • Like the little owls, we get little skunks every year. And then the owls get most of them. The petit LePews are adorable.

      • They are adorable when babies. And hard not to feel bad yet not feel bad since we love the owls, too.

  2. Silly upside down Silver! Yes, those skunks are stinking up the night here, too. Overcast again tonight with rain on the way. I am glad to be able to see the conjunction on your site, and safely view the skunks, too. 🙂

    • Silver is a silly kitty. When he wants attention while I’m doing something else, he meows at me, paws at me and cocks his head to the side while looking at me intently. He really puts on the cute and looks adorable so I have to interrupt what I’m doing to give him attention. The sky was crystal clear all day, and it’s clear tonight, which means it will be cold by morning. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • Yes, they do create some excitement! I never thought I’d say this, but reading your post made me miss their appearance in the outskirts of Phoenix. We saw/smelled them occasionally at my aunt and uncle’s farm – now a location for another subdivision.

    • Venus left Jupiter in the path of the spray. Silver is such a silly kitty. Thanks, Marina.

  3. Amazing photos; the cat is adorable, and wow, a skunk!!! I’ve never seen one in real life before (well, apart from a couple of times as unfortunate road kill in the foothills/countryside) but obviously never in the city where I live! Very cool. 😎

  4. Yikes, the stinkers have your kitty head over heals! I missed the alignment while we were in Vegas, knew I could count on you for covering it for us.

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