Classical Changement
Venus over Jupiter
Crossed paths in the night

Moon in the clouds at dusk

Since a lot of people couldn’t find the owl’s nest in Susan’s Tree on the February 28th post, here’s a photo of the nest after I got it secured on the tree last August.

46 thoughts on “Changement

  1. Beautiful images!
    Thank you for showing the owl nest again. Now that I have seen this pic, I can go back and see the owl nest on the earlier pic. 🙂

  2. Did you rescue THE Nest from over the library? If so…wow. I found it right away in the previous post.

    • I didn’t know there was a nest that needed to be rescued over the library. Thanks, Susan.

      • The hollow Owl tree was cut down recently. Your “section” of a nest space/stump looks similar.

      • I built that nest from scratch. I got a premonition that I should put up and owls nest. A few days after I built it, I heard the neighbor had cut down the tree the owls had been nesing in.

      • It’s a good thing that you were clairvoyant. A very good replica of the original.

      • I used my photos to estimate the diameter and height of the old nest. I guessed on the depth. The nest is lined inside and out with cottonwood bark.

    • Thanks, Samantha. They will start moving farther apart every evening now. On February 22, 2024 Mars and Venus will have a conjunction. April 30, 2022, there was a Jupiter and Venus conjunction early in the morning. You can see it at On April 5, 2022, there was a Mars & Saturn conjunction. You can see it at

  3. Whenever I see a French word (changement) that I’ve never used in English, I wonder how to pronounce it.
    These images are so gorgeous, my friend .

    • This girly man who has taken ballet pronounces it as I think it is supposed to be pronounced in French. When I was in ballet as a kid, the first time I heard it, I thought it was like a square dance call (we used to square dance as a family) and wondered why Change Ma’s when there were no Ma’s in class. Ballet was much more fun than baseball and football (ack ack ack). Thanks, Dale.

      • Don’t you dare call yourself a girlie man for taking ballet! I think it’s a wonderful thing. And I had a soupçon of an idea that it was pronounced changement à la française. And ballet is rather demanding, to boot!

      • Bllet is really difficult. It’s funny. When I was racing bicycles and doing a lot of salsa and ballroom dancing, also, some of the racers called me a girlie man because I danced. I told them call me what you please. While you are hanging out with a bunch of ugly guys, I’m have beautiful women in may arms.

      • It is VERY difficult and those macho men know no better. It’s like when they did “Battle of the Blades” in Canada, putting hockey players with figure skaters. Lemme tell you, they changed their tune on figure skating – all of them. Suddenly there was a respect for just what they can do on figure skates.
        You were smart. And I am sure it gave you more than lovely ladies in your arms…

  4. It would have been really funny if something/someone had managed to put a smile on your planet picture (well timed contrail or meteor) ha!

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