52 thoughts on “End Of An Era

    • Yes. I had photographed the owls in that tree from 2017 to 2022. The owner cut down the tree last summer. Thanks, Liz.

      • I built an owl’s nest and hung it is Susan’s tree last August. But they did not choose it this year. Maybe next year an owl family will use it.

      • I am sorry the owl tree is gone Tim. I enjoyed seeing them every year through your lens. I hope they find another suitable tree nearby. They seem to know you and are comfortable around you, so maybe they will.

      • As I mentioned to Liz, I built a nest for them and put it in Susan’s tree last August. They didn’t not go for it this year, which is not surprising. We’ll see if owls go for it next year. Thanks, Lavinia.

  1. I will miss images from the owl tree this year. But you built the owls a great nest and I have hope they will settle there this year. šŸ¤žšŸ™‚

  2. In Colorado, you’ll find yourself in court explaining to the judge why you shouldn’t be in the big house. You cannot cut down a tree that is used for nesting purposes, even if you are the property owner. The minimum sentence is a $25,000 fine. Max sentence is 3-5 years plus a six-figure fine.

    • The owner didn’t get the memo. I don’t think we have the same laws here, unless it’s a federal law, and then she might be in trouble if someone reported her. The tree was dead and had no shade for the owls. The nest I built them is very similar in size, hung at the same height, and with lots of shade, but they did not go for it this year. Thanks, Deborah.

      • There are no laws in New Mexico that limit or prohibit owners from removing trees on private property. As for as I can tell even if owls or other protected species nest in trees on private property, the owner of the property can remove the trees without any regard to the protected species.

  3. After reading the comments, I am even sadder the owner cut down the tree with no consequences. While the owls did not come to Susan’s tree last year, who knows? Maybe they will build something close by, know you, their favourite paparazzo will be there to cheer them on…

  4. The magic of the Tangle Heart still stands, so I salute it with the incredible sunset you captured it with. Sadly, the owl tree is no more but good to hear the nest was taken care of, and good for you for this.

  5. Gorgeous photos, Tim. I love the cloudscapes you share.
    A dead tree does present problems. With the lack of shade maybe it wasn’t the best place for the owls after all — still it seems sad. It was kind of you to try to build a substitute home for the owls. I guess one can’t control taxes, neighbors, or birds…
    The main feature that attracted me to my current home was the six mature desert willow trees in the back yard. It was winter, so I didn’t realize that a couple of them were already dying. Within a year, all six were dead. The doves loved to roost in them just the same. But when the trees started to fall over, I had to get them removed. I felt bad for the doves.
    Wishing you a pleasant weekend. Hugs.

    • Thanks, Teagan. The owner’s reasoning for removing the tree is that it would fall over and damage the natures property, but it takes many, many year for a large cottonwood to failover. But the owls did need shade.

  6. Ugh. I hate tree cutters. I know sometimes it’s necessary, but it sucks when it was someone’s home. Hopefully, the owls will find your nest this year. They better not mess with my tree!

  7. That is such sad news – hoping they will find (and choose) your box or at least another tree close by. Feel one with that tree after all of your owl shots.

    • It’s really too bad. As much as a tried to copy the original nest, it didn’t make the cut this year. But there is hope for next year. Thanks, Brian.

      • If they decide to use it, which need to be pronto, I’ll see Daddy Owl on watch in the trees around Susan’s tree.

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