43 thoughts on “Red-winged Blackbirds

  1. I love the highly textured sky and black lace trees, and birds. That is a beautiful, and I find very moving, composition. A murmuration of blackbirds! Usually it is starlings I see murmurating here. I have been seeing redwing blackbirds at our feeder here lately.

    • They are funny how the fly together. When the fly into the black bamboo they make a swoop sound that is like a sound effect. Thanks, Cindy.

    • Sort of. But there is not enough blackbirds to make interesting sounds, except when they fly into the black bamboo then they make a swooping sound. Thanks, Narine.

  2. Wow! Now, I have seen red winged blackbirds, but not in a flock.
    Pretty neat, Tim.
    Canada Geese… we see those in a V sometimes. Oh and seagulls pretending to be ducks…. lots of those on the lake.

  3. Rather noisy critters aren’t they! One of the few birds I hold a grudge against – they would build nests in trees next to my employer;s parking lot. During the breeding season you had to run the gauntlet to get from car to entrance as they would dive bomb you and peck the back of your head.

    • Stupid littel peckers. Not quite as bad as having decent yourself from Cooper’s Hawks. Thanks, Brian.

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