Kitty Stalking Me

We had an infestation of cats tonight. Both the neighbor’s cats were over, plus the other black cat that’s been hanging around. Lola, their little black cat, followed me around the garden tonight, and rubbed on me while I was doing photos, making it difficult to get anything in focus. When the neighbor’s tabby noticed I was photographing him, he started stalking me. He was confused because he doesn’t really trust me to get very close, but he could see Lola rubbing on me.

Then the other black cat that’s been hanging round, but keeping its distance from me, decided I was okay tonight and started rubbing on my legs, meowing at me and letting me pet it. It let me pet it once before, but I think that was a tactic to get Rosencrantz to accept it. Once, I’ve petted a strange cat, Rosencrantz accepts it and doesn’t run it off. After the initial petting some weeks ago, it kept it distance until tonight. There’s a photo of that kitty on the “Losing My Religion” blog. I don’t know who it belongs to, but it is healthy and well fed, but spends a lot of time around our house.

When I went out and called Puck tonight, Lola, the tabby and the mystery black cat all answered the call. So I had three cats that don’t belong to us and no sight of Puck. Puck eventually got up on the roof, and came in after Laurie came out to inquire about which kitty was on the roof while I was out photographing the sliver moon.

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