Mama Does All The Work

Mama on the left with nagging teenagers

Our cats are superstitious. They won’t go out either door if Lola or Osric (both black cats) cross their paths.

While out touring the garden this afternoon, I noticed a mama fly catcher with her two teenagers perched on the power line.  Mama would fly out catch a bug on the wing, fly back, and then give it to her nagging teenagers. There are several photos of her in action after bugs. I never once saw either of the teenagers lift a wing to go after a single bug the whole time I was out there.

I saw a tiny butterfly fluttering around and followed it until it landed. It was no bigger than a fingernail, but very pretty.

While I was photographing the butterfly, I could hear a bird chattering in a dead cottonwood. I looked up to see a beautiful red bird singing at the top of its birdie lungs.

Now that it’s the middle of July the June bugs are out.

Bird after bug at the top corner of the photo
Braking before it grabs the bug (bug is blob in front of wing on the right)

Bird dive bombing a bug
Putting on the brakes while after a bug
Mama bird feeds teenager a bug she caught
Red Bird singing in a cottonwood
Tiny Butterfly
June Bug