I Want My Mama

The coons were under our deck most of the day wrestling around, with the mama coon growling at Laurie moving around on the deck during the day, and both of us tonight. The hoard of coons finally ran off about 8:30 leaving the runt behind. It chirped and cooed under the deck for awhile before it came out and made a few attempts at trying to find its rotten family that abandoned it.

It would start to¬† walk out from under the deck and then run back under it. At one point it got up on the deck and acted very pitiful. I ran it off the deck, and it promptly ran back under it. Laurie and I watched it as it waddled out about 25 feet from the deck, questioning if it was okay, but then all of a sudden it came running back to the deck and shot under it, so we decided the issue with walking funny was psychological from being abandoned. It finally made it’s way of to the thicket of elms by the shed, but apparently mama didn’t come to get it after an hour or so, so now it’s taken refuge under the deck again. I’m tempted to offer it free counseling.

We have Lola taking up residence on the east side of the house and the mystery black cat taking up residence on the west side of the house, making five black cats on the property. I think Lola’s been sleeping on the roof under the trumpet vine. She’s come out off the roof and jumped off the top of the catio the past two mornings. The catio is 10 feet high from where she jumps down. It’s an impressive jump. She was attempting to loll around on the table tonight. Even though we call her a lol cat, she doesn’t know how to loll around like our cats, but she’s getting better.

Stretch seems to be doing much better. He resists a little bit when I get him for his treatment, but I think he knows it makes him feel better so he’s putting up with it. He was being down-right sassy a few minutes ago.

A year ago today I had my first treatment for lymphoma. A year goes by quickly these days, and a lot has happened during that time.