Bird Watching

Dine watching birds through the window

I was thinking of going to the Jemez or Belen for the 4th of July and having a weeny roast!  One of the problems NM faces with wildfires is that most of the land in NM is owned by the Feds and the State. None of it is very well-managed, so lots fuel in the form of undergrowth that should be cleared doesn’t get cleared, and fires go viral when it’s dry.

The Corrales bosque is thick with underbrush and dead branches that should have been cleared years ago, but Corrales doesn’t seem to have the resources or interest to clear it, and they especially won’t let individuals in to clear it, so we have a tinderbox and potential for a huge fire only 500 feet from the property.

Laurie was explaining the “hairy ball” theory (topology) to me: that you can’t comb the hair on a coconut all the same direction because you get a point that’s a “cow lick.” But we can apply the “hairy ball” theory to real life; for example, if we can find the point where there is no wind inside a multi-directional wind in the Jemez on the 4th of July, that will be the perfect place to have a weeny roast, even in the middle of a fire.

Grasshopper on Heaven On Earth