I’m very sore from fotóplanking this afternoon. I set up one camera on a tripod and set the timer, which gave me 10 seconds to get into position. I tripped the shutter, ran to the post and planked myself on it. Needless to say, it took many tries before I got into a fairly straight position, while balanced on the post!

Before I did the fotóplanking, I put a new cover on the canopy over the deck. That is definitely contributing to my soreness, because I installed the new cover under the old cover. Not an easy task. We’re thinking that by putting the new cover under the old, the old cover will protect the new cover and help it to last longer. These covers are supposed to last 10 years, but  we got less than a year out of the first cover before it got dry rot and ripped. We got a little over a year out of the second cover before it started getting dry rot holes where it sits on the top bar of the frame.  Having a double cover has the benefit of cutting the heat gain by about 10 degrees, as well.

Mother's Rose