Ben Fotógraphing — plankers, owlers and leisure divers can bite it!

You may have heard of “planking”, where people are photographed lying prone on various things, often dangerous places; or “owling”, where people are photographed perched on various things, often dangerous places; or even “leisure diving”, where people are photographed on their way into a pool in various leisurely positions that probably end up as painful belly flops, side flops and back flops.

Well! All of them are passé. Fotógraphing, made up by Ben and me this afternoon, is the latest. The idea with Fotógraphing is that you are photographed photographing the photographer photographing you in some interesting place or situation — the more impossible the situation the better.

Today’s set of photos also illustrate what happens when photographers encounter one another in a parking garage — they end up in a Fotógraphing duel!

When photographers cross paths
Dueling Photographers
Sneaky shot
Caught with his guard his down