All Tired Out


I got a flat tire on the truck, put on the spare and drove the flat tire to Discount Tires to see if they could repair it. Even though the tire didn’t have much wear, it was over 10 years old, so he said by law he couldn’t touch it. A guy from the Midas shop next door walked by and said, I think I have some used tires that will fit. He didn’t have any 225/15s, but he had a pair 235/15s, which are a bit bigger. For $30 he mounted and balanced the two 235/15 tires, and put them on the back of the truck, and then he out the two better tires of the 3 remaining originals on the front. That was quite a deal, since the lowest price set of four new tires for the truck would run about $400, and since I don’t drive the truck very often, I didn’t want to put a new set of tires on it right now.

After a morning run and repairing one of the drip systems this morning, to getting tires replaced, loading and unloading my other large snake cage and a bunch of stuff out of Tristan’s garage, I’m all tired out. While making my evening rounds with the camera, I noticed that the white lilies, Rosencrantz and a hummingbird where tired out as well.





11 thoughts on “All Tired Out

      • Now THAT sort of stuff spreads through a community and will in time bring forth profit for that location. Good thinking by the staff I say…

    • I have the Boa back. The python died last year, so I just have one big snake now. I bought a really large cage for the boa and python after Tristan took them, but she still had the other large cage at her house. She’s trying to reorganize, so I brought the other cage back.

  1. Still waiting for the buds to open on our lilies. They are close! Rosencrantz looks like he had a hard day…. 🙂 We get a lot of hummingbirds here too. They love the blueberry blooms in spring

    That is a good deal on tires!

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