22 thoughts on “I See You

  1. Oh Wow Timothy! Just when I think you can’t top what you’ve done….you do! But then I’m coming to see that as the norm! Cheers and have a great weekend in that inferno they call Albuquerque….at least that’s what I hear is happening the last several days!

    • Thanks for the kind words. It hasn’t been really hot. It’s been in the mid 90’s which is normal for this time of year. Last Sunday, Father’s Day, we had a low of 37º F. Below 40 in the middle of June! The high that day was 95º F, so we had a very large swing in the temperature. It generally gets below 50º F at our house at night, we are in a cold spot, and it’s dry, so I don’t think it’s been uncomfortably hot.

      • wow that is cool! my apologies, I was looking at your forecast for next week and not the current temps! oops! Says in the 100s by end of next week, for several days. Have a great weekend Mr. Price!

      • All my weather widgets are showing a forecast for mid to high 90’s, but you never know. I’d like to see some thundershowers showers come through to cool off the afternoon heat and give us some much needed precipitation.

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