66 Inches of Tape

A gas pump at our local gas station. Corrales, New Mexico.

I stopped for a fillup at Phillips 66 at Oh! It’s still dark thirty this morning. While I was waiting for my tank to fill, I noticed the pump in the bay across the way had what looked like a 66-inch long tape of unclaimed receipts. The pump I was on wasn’t giving receipts, perhaps my receipt was printed on the pump across the way.

35 thoughts on “66 Inches of Tape

  1. Perhaps an identity theft issue? In any case, the most important info is blocked, but the station manager needs a permanent discharge…

    • The pumps are open 24 hours, but the store isn’t. The photo was taken 30 minutes before the store opened this morning. The manager cannot do anything about getting rid of uncollected receipts until he or she comes into work. I’ve not been in the store. I only buy gas there and half the time I get it early or late when the store is closed. It’s very convenient that way.

    • They had to get out of their vehicle to pump the gas. No full service gas stations around these parts. Either in a hurry or it was too much bother to snatch a receipt. Thanks, Marina.

  2. No, no… The travelling circus is in town and each “carriage” was filled up on the same bill… Last one our forgot to grab it. There will be held to pay from the accountant…

  3. The gas pump either lost its mind or printed out its last transaction over and over again. I prefer if the pump just lost its mind. πŸ™‚

    A Phillips 66 station. I think our last Phillips 66 branded anything was 20 years ago(?).

      • We have some of the lowest fuel prices in the country. Housing is high everything else is on par to a bit lower than average. But no prices are not 20 years behind.

      • Outside of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, $100K might get you a decent house. The office space we like best so far is for sale only $198/SF.

  4. Isn’t there a song about that?
    66 inches of tape on the wall
    if one of those inches………..
    65 inches of tape on the wall. πŸ˜€

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