Bird Watching

Gwendolyn: “Hey Paparazzo! You’re scaring away the birds!”

The kittens love sitting on the windowsill looking out at the beautiful view, but especially they like watching the birds that flit around in the foliage right outside the window.

43 thoughts on “Bird Watching

  1. What a beautiful place for them to spy on the birds. Crystal “supervises” something outside the living room window… I’ve never been able to see what it is that intrigues her. Have a great new week. Hugs.

    • Kitties see ghosts. You might have a spirit hanging around outside. But I would guess it’s a little critter of some type. Thanks, Teagan.

  2. She is so cute!
    Alex and Paco liked to sit on the kitchen floor and watch the birds and lizards through the patio door.

    • All the kitties like sitting on that windowsill, but the kittens are still locked in the bedroom/bathroom area, so it is really their window now. Thanks, Susan.

  3. Birds. Meals on Wheels on X. Flying! Gwendolyn: ?Thank you for the choices in the flying buffet. I may have to jump if they don’t land. Yeah yeah, substitutions are extra.”

    • More like meals on the wing. Air freight. Before the hummingbirds headed south, they would hover in front of the window and tease the kittens. Thanks, Jordan.

      • Hummingbirds. Those little guys are fearless. I guess when you’re the only bird that can fly backwards… I hear they taunt eagles and hawks as well, so your cats are in great company.

      • The hummingbirds tease the cats when the cats are outside, also. It’s not the smartest bird behavior.

  4. What kind of birds? We have sparrows, finches (plain and red), grackles, doves, and crows (fat sassy kind), all being watched by Cooper hawks overhead and barn kitties at ground level.

    • We mostly have finches, sparrows and titmice in the foliage around the window. The doves, crows, towhees, grosbeaks and other larger birds don’t hangout right outside the window.

  5. That’s a kitten? Lol!
    G & G might be forever kittens. Like Jeep, she’s a 13 year old kitten. She’s my baby kitten, even though she was preggers when I rescued her from the alley.

    • Hi Resa. The kittens are still lest than half the size of the adult kitties. I got the kittens a new scratching post with spinning, dangly toys the other day that they just love. They are so creative in how they play with it. Your bad boy Spunk snuck in a peed on their new scratching post last night. Rotten cat! I have a really good cat pee cleaner, and got it cleaned up before the kittens were traumatized by Spunk’s uncouth behviour.

      • Oh jeez!
        Spunkie-Poo 💋!!!!
        Keep your pee to yourself.
        They are just cute kittens. When they grow up, and are bigger than you, I might appreciate a survival tactic.
        Be a good boy!!!!

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