Doggie in the Window


A downtown dog standing in a window, taking in the beautiful scenery in the alley between the buildings on Gold and Central (Old Route 66) in Downtown Albuquerque. The apartment is in an old federal building at 5th and Gold that was structurally questionable, and abandoned by the feds several years ago. Apparently, the ground floor has been repurposed into apartments, which must be considered structurally sound enough for a dog to live in.

Snowy Kitty In The Window


Spunk could come in the house through the kitty door on the other side of the house (often we let in the front door and he just walks straight through the house and goes right back outside through the kitty door), but he chooses to be a drama queen, and act desperate sitting on the rail outside by the front door, looking sadly in the window, begging us to let him in. Today he was particularly sad, stuck outside, all covered in snow. While Spunk was going through his sad cat routine, Najar jumped up on the window sill to add her two cents worth about how silly he is.