Green Eggs No Ham


What looked like moss in the shallow water running at the bottom of the irrigation ditch turned out to look like tiny eggs, but I have no idea what laid them if they are eggs. It looks like thousands upon thousands of eggs and it’s hard to imagine what could lay so many eggs.

A closer view of what looks like eggs on the bottom of the ditch.

Sliver moon through the slats in the miniblinds

The clouds cleared after sunset and we were able to see the sliver moon through the window in Beaker’s and Sรธren’s room.

The moon through the window.

The Rio Grande was still running higher this afternoon from the rains up north.

49 thoughts on “Green Eggs No Ham

  1. The eggs are a curious find. I love those river scenes.

    I may or may not see the moon tonight. It has been hot, hazy with some clouds today. It peaked at 96 degrees.

  2. They do look like little eyeballs! Wonder what they are?
    I can’t see my moon lately as it comes up too late!
    Beautiful pics.

    • You should be able to see in setting in the western sky soon. It was too cloudy last night.

      • I was up at 2 am and could see a super bright star – not sure which – but no moon. The neighbour’s tree has gotten super big, so that doesn’t help. But still. It pains me!

      • The moon will rise about 9 am your time and set at about 9:30 pm your time. You should be able to see it right after sunset if your sky is clear.

        That bright star was probably Jupiter.

      • The moon rises at 9 am? And sets at 9:30 pm? No wonder I cannot see it.. The sun sets at 8:22 tonight. I’ll have to take a walk and see just where I can see the damn thing!

        I knew you would tell me it was one of the planets! Woot!

  3. The eggs look like the beginning of a Sci-Fi monster horror alien kind of Grade C flick. Window shots are very unique, and glad the river is still up.

    • I can’t say. I don’t know if they would have turned into tadpoles because the water evaporated. Thanks, Resa.

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