I was in the infinite shed of doom measuring and taking inventory of material for a project I’m working on. When I moved some wood, a darling baby skunk ran between my legs and took refuge under another infinite pile of doom before I could get a photo of it. When I pulled a door open that acts as a wall to a caged-in area in the shed, I was face to face with Mama Skunk. She lunged at me a few times when I stuck my phone in her face, but then she finally sat back and listened to me talk to her. She never acted like she was going to spray me. It’s possible that since I only take a shower a couple of times a week to save water, and since I was dirty, sweaty, and all dressing in black, she might have thought I was a big, stinky Nephilim paparazzo, who obviously could not be a threat the way I smelled.

Mama Skunk sitting back and listening to me talk to her.