A Quick Review

I finished Three Years Of her Life by C.E Robinson. Below is a quick review:

When Christine started posting snippets from her book Three Years OF her Life on her blog, Before Sundown, I was intrigued yet apprehensive. The last “slice of life” book I read covered 200 years of family life in over 600 pages. It was long and boring and it just didn’t do it for me. Christine had three years of “her” life in 451 pages. What was I in for? Surprisingly, Christine made three years of Elizabeth becoming a nurse, romancing a doctor (or a doctor romancing her), and pursuing her musical interests while discovering family secrets in the early 1960s into an accessible, easy-to-read, entertaining book.

She offers the reader a fascinating journey that includes the mundane, the most beautiful, and the ugliest aspects of the human condition. Elizabeth is a very smart and attractive young woman. Still, she is plagued by manifold emotions from growing up in a broken home and under the care of her abusive grandmother. No matter how hard she works, or how well she does, there’s always doubt about herself and her success. She’s constantly worried that the men who made their way into her life would leave her. She had good reason to worry; her sample was one hundred percent.

Elizabeth persists, and while romance and her musical interests get a little dicey, it’s the end of the book that really grabbed my attention. The reality of the cold war hit home, and the consequences were grave. By the end of the book, I wanted the story to continue to see what happened with her family life, nursing career, and musical interests. Christine said there is a second underway.

The night sky looking north and south. A half-moon is in the clouds in the southern sky.

The night sky looking east and west.