Frog Art

Dawn’s pinks and purples
Wait for Sun to show its face
Daybreak colors pale

What happened to eggs
Ditch is dry brutal drought’s woes
We will never know

From flatulent frogs
Bubbles rise ripple water
Laughing in the lake

Bullfrog watches me
From a puddle drying up
Ditch has done gone dry

It is so like men
Breaking wind water bubbles
pulled a frog’s finger

Trees form a green crown
Against the sunset’s orange grays
Another day gone

53 thoughts on “Frog Art

  1. I agree, a great selection of photos, Tim. I still wonder what kind of eggs those were. I hope there will be enough water left in the ditch for the frogs. A little cooler up here today, mid 80s and dingy cloud hazy skies. Caught a peek of a bright orange sun just above the horizon tonight.

    • The frogs woll go to the clear ditch when their pond dries up. We are still in the mid 90s during the day. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. I was going to say yesterday that the ‘bubbles’ looked like frog eggs and look at your photos today! Frog art, skies and poems, made my day! Thank you, my friend!

    • There were two frogs. They will hop over to the Clearwater ditch when that puddle dries up.. Thanks, einfachtilda.

    • The frogs are so cute. The poems are six silly Timkus poems. A Timku is in the form of Haiku, but its not a Haiku because it’s in English. Thanks, Samantha.

  3. I fell in love with this frog. Now, I’m worried about his puddle drying up.
    You got some great frog shots, Tim. If I was a princess, I’d kiss him!

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