You Beavers Lighting Up Our Lives

Got lighting? There was six beaver in the river at Beaver Point tonight.

Jupiter’s moons were in a formation I had not seen before. When I looked at the image on my camera’s screen at 5:00 am I thought I was moving the camera and getting a double image of the moons, but since Jupiter is round, the moons were really sitting side by side.

The moon through a thin layer of clouds.

51 thoughts on “You Beavers Lighting Up Our Lives

    • Thanks, Susan. I’ve never seen so many. They seemed to be celebrating the river being higher. They were more making noise, but I didn’t see them.

  1. I know a spot near Antwerp where there are a lot of beaver traces on trees and even trees that went down but I did’nt see the beavers yet.

  2. Amazing photographs of the lightning. I gave up trying to shoot the lightning during a thunderstorm. I guess the lightning flashes are way faster in this part of the world… 😉

    • There’s a couple of different ways to photograph lighting. One way is reatalively easty, you need a tripod and bulb setting. The other is being as quick as lighting on the shutter, and getting one or two shots out of a whole lot of shots. Thanks, Herman.

  3. Exciting catches on the lightning Tim. I’ve never been lucky enough to capture a bolt like those you did. You mentioned hearing more beavers. Were you hearing them rustling around or were they verbalizing? I guess I’ve never thought about beaver talk…

  4. Your skyscapes took my breath away! Wow, Tim!! The lightning …. oh my goodness! Jupiter and its moons ….. say what? Just incredible beauty! We don’t have skies like yours. Thank you!

  5. You got some great beaver shots, Tim. They don’t exactly stand still and pose. They’re busy you know?
    Jupiter’s moons look so cool!
    And your moon shot! Wow. Thank you!

    • Hi Resa. The beavers often sit in the water and munch on their willows. This bunch was very active.

  6. Beavers were brought back to the San Pedro river after being banished. Have only seen their handiwork. Lightening in the rainbow, wow! Are you sure that moon isn’t a leftover croissant?

  7. stunning lightening photos there Tim! We were pounded with a nasty storm last weekend – lightening sheered of a massive tree in our woods – thankfully no fires, but it took out two other large trees as it came crashing down – as if I didn’t have enough work to do ugh.

    • Are you going to do a chainsaw massacre on the downed trees? Make sure your chainsaw is from Texas, and you hit the trees with a sledgehammer before you saw them up. Thanks, Brian.

      • They have to be dealt with as they are so big they crossed over my haunted trail path twice. Will be getting the massacre tomorrow although, not sure what kind of trees you have down there, but I am hoping I don’t have to sledge them first ha!

  8. Spectacular photos… once again my friend!
    And those beavers… pretty darn cool.
    We had one of our boat lines chewed… we think it was a muskrat. I see them by our boat sometimes.
    Have a wonderful weekend Tim… and thank you always for your amazing pictures!

  9. Love Beavers Tim… and those Moons around Jupiter wow… did I count 4… I didnt know until today that there were at least 80 moons around the planet… 🙂
    As to that lightning and vertical rainbow…. MAGIC… ❤

    • Thanks, Suse. Yep. Lots of moons around Jupiter. Saturn has around 60 plus. A lot of the moons are astoriods, but some of those asteroids spinn themselves into balls and become real moons.

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