60 thoughts on “Not For Sale

  1. They are precious! I haven’t seen a window anywhere near that cute since about 10 months ago . . . our “kittens” are almost a year old now.

  2. Tail and Body Synchronicity! Love the photos, Timothy. It’s wonderful they are home. The metal fencing looks like it will the good in, and the bad out. 😊😻😻

    • Thanks, Shehanne. Kitties ciwt ydyn nhw. I started studying Welsh. It’s a challenging language.

  3. I know.. I have a terrible prob here with my internet connection and it flickers the whole time. Just where we are, but oh boy it messes up everything I say big time.

      • Indeed. Nah I am looking at the usual errors in my comments. Seriously, keep with the Welsh. Just tell me the cuss words and how to order a drink. I like to know that in as many languages as possible. You might say I am fluent that way…. But Welsh is one I don’t have.

      • Beer was one of the first words they teach you along with leeks, sausages, dragon and washing Megan’s “teits”. Washing Megan’s “teits” reads like it could be fun.

        “Hoffwn gael cwrw.” is “I would like a beer.” “Wisgi, plesio.” should be the simple form of Whisky, please. Wine is “Gwin”. Brandy is “Brandy”, and Gin & Tonic is “Gin & tonig” Does that about cover it for you? If you would like a sausage, leeks or dragon with your drink, they are “selsig”, “cennin” or “draig” respectively.

      • The course is very good about supplying cuss words. I’ll expect most are simaler to English. But the Welsh probably have a whole slew of cursing that is their own.

      • I looked at the DuoLingo courses I can buy with gems (you earn gems for completing a set of lessons, meeting your goal each day, and other milestones) to see if there was something useful like cursing in Welsh. But no. They only have useless things like “Flirting in Spanish”. That’s why I have over 15,000 gems – there’s nothing useful buy. I would certainly spend a few thousand gems on something like “Talking dirty in Welsh”.

    • They are starting to look cat-like. Those are wild flowers. They are very interested in what’s outside. Thanks, Holly.

      • Adult cats usually adapt to kittens pretty well. Other adult cats is really iffy as to whether they will accept each other or not. A couple of our old fuddy duddy kitties are starting to warm up to the kittens. Loki licked Gwendolyn last night. She wasn’t too sure of what was happening. A few days ago he was still hissing and biting at the kittens. Silver still slaps at them. Spunk is going back and forth between hissing at them and trying to ignore them. Marble and Sasha are mostly tolerating them.

      • At least they have each other. Soon they will be part of the gang and probably generally ignored but they’ll always have each other, a special bond.

      • I insisted to my new cat dealer that she had to find me two kittens from the same litter or two kittens close to the same age. Spunk was an only kitten for a few months, and he use to just maul the old kitties and never got the serious playing he needed from them. We got Najar so Spunk would have another kitten to play with.

      • Partly because of the kittens, but mostly because he’s Spunk and he likes to be rotten. Yesturday when I was trying to write checks for payments to insurance and for medical bills, Spunk chewed up and strated to sherd some of the forms that I needed to mail with the checks. Rotten cat!

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