Nuevas Gatitas


We adopted two black kittens, Glenda and Morgana. They came home yesterday. They are 8 weeks old. They are having so much fun that they will not hold still for photos.

So far the other kitties are afraid of them. Marble sniffed Morgana after we brought the kittens home, Morgana spat at Marble and Marble said “¡Hasta la vista, baby!” and ran out of the bedroom. The other cats saw the exchange and followed suit. The other cats can come in and go out of the bedroom through a kitty door, but so far they are staying out of the bedroom.

Glenda and Morgana are having a ball playing in and around all the boxes and fabric under our bed. They played on Laurie and me and attacked us for about an hour after we went to bed last night. They would come up and snuggle and purr for a few seconds and then go back to playing. Each one has a distinctive purr. They finally settled in and slept on us for a couple of hours before they moved to a box under the bed that’s full of fabric they like to curl up in and sleep together.