Nuevas Gatitas


We adopted two black kittens, Glenda and Morgana. They came home yesterday. They are 8 weeks old. They are having so much fun that they will not hold still for photos.

So far the other kitties are afraid of them. Marble sniffed Morgana after we brought the kittens home, Morgana spat at Marble and Marble said β€œΒ‘Hasta la vista, baby!” and ran out of the bedroom. The other cats saw the exchange and followed suit. The other cats can come in and go out of the bedroom through a kitty door, but so far they are staying out of the bedroom.

Glenda and Morgana are having a ball playing in and around all the boxes and fabric under our bed. They played on Laurie and me and attacked us for about an hour after we went to bed last night. They would come up and snuggle and purr for a few seconds and then go back to playing. Each one has a distinctive purr. They finally settled in and slept on us for a couple of hours before they moved to a box under the bed that’s full of fabric they like to curl up in and sleep together.


61 thoughts on “Nuevas Gatitas

  1. I’m happy for the new kitties to have a place in the Price home. I’m equally happy for you and Laurie; I had wondered when you would get more kitties. πŸ™‚ And having seen Price kitties over the years I am looking forward to seeing all of them jockey for a hammock or box or tail or…

  2. Wow, two new kitties! They are adorable, Timothy, best wishes going forward. It will take time for the other cats to accept them I assume. 😻

    • Grazie, Simona. I told them about a beautiful woman who lives in Italy who loves and adores kittens. Glenda and Morgana said “Meraviglioso. Mandale il nostro amore e i nostri baci.”

    • Thanks, Holly. They are so much fun. They make us laugh they way they play together. You should get a pair kittens. They make life sooo much better.

      • It’s very tempting. I have Baghrera my little black green eyed cat and Tide my dog. They are attached and play so well together ( of course the Kitty manipulates my dog so much it’s awesome) so I hate to disrupt the dynamic duo. Have fun , I know you will !

    • Hi Couriers. One of our new staff at work is a cat dealer. After Najar and Lola died she started working on finding kittens for us. I was picky. There had to be two kittens similar ages and either black or calico. Lucky us we got two black kittens. Kittens in pairs really work out well because they can play together without having to wear out the older kitties.

    • Unfortunate you, Shehanne. You can enjoy our kitties from a very safe distance. The wee beasts are so much fun.

      • I can’t even go in a room where a cat has been. It is that bad. I used to have a field day when I taught privately. I’d say to a kid, ‘You have a cat don’t you?’ Naturally I never told them as their little jaws hit the deck it was cos there would a single hair of that cat on their coat. I just told them it was cos I was magic and knew everything so they better do their practice.

      • That’s one why to keep them in line. You would be very allergic to me. I think I have can hair permanently imbedded in me. That’ sad you are so allergic. You’ve missed out on all the loving kitty fun.

  3. Oh wow… they look so adorable! Looking forward reading their stories…
    Busy playing times ahead for Laurie and you, my friend!

  4. Kittens!!! Congratulations on the new additions. Too funny the other cats are scared of them.
    Who is spoiling them rotten, you or Laurie? Or, you don’t have spoiled cats. (LOL) πŸ™‚

    • We both spoil them. Our cats are so spoiled. They keep us around to serve them. Thanks, David.

  5. Those two have landed on their feet. I’ll be happy to see the happiness they bring. My sweetheart has been fostering a baby possum called Pogo. He was cute as anything, but nowhere near so lively as the kittens.

    • Possums can be mean and nasty little critters, but I guess when raised from young ones they can be sweet.

      • Mean and nasty? Pogo would hiss a warning, but he was sweet and gentle. He couldn’t see very well. He’s fending for himself now so our fingers are crossed.

  6. Oh! It’s a double happy Caturday there. They are gorgeous, Tim. I love the way you described their first day/night. I hope the other kitties accept them easily and quickly. Hugs on the wing.

    • Thanks, Teagan. Can you get Infinity down there? I had to change to Xfinity to get faster Internet speed for video conferencing. I have gigabit Internet now. It’s $20/month more than the 12mbs down and 896kbps up service I had before. The previous service could not be made faster because of our location. Xfinity was my only choice for faster Internet. It’s been very reliable so far.

    I remember when Mom & Potato both had litters of 6 at the same time.
    Omg! The kittens (velcro kittens) would all be playing King of Resa’s feet. 12 kittens all hanging on my legs… dropping to my feet, attack, attack, jump back to Resa’s thigh.
    I walked around for days like that. Wish they could have lasted forever!

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