Sorry Single Saturday

Spunk enjoying the box our new microwave came in. Can you find the Paparazzo?

I had a busy day and got home late, so I had to post a sorry single photo quite quickly. We don’t go to Costco very often these days, but when we do, the dance room ends up filled with boxes from Costo, that add to boxes from Amazon and other deliveries. The cats are in box heaven until I break down the boxes for recycling. As I pile up broken-down boxes, the cats lie on the pile in protest — kitty box huggers, like tree huggers, trying to keep me from taking out the boxes. I assure the kitties there will be more boxes, as I pick up the pile and take them out. The kitties have favorite boxes that I never break down and taken out because the kitties play and play and play on them and shredded them into pieces until the boxes are no more. They especially like guitar boxes for some reason.