34 thoughts on “Clouds Over Mia’s Tree

    • Her tree is majestic. As for the Welsh using lots of words – Weithiau, ie. Brydiau eraill, na! Diolch, Shehanne.

      • yeah. We watched this drama series set in Wales and it was made partly in Welsh with sub titled, cos it was a Welsh series OBVI. And like that a character would say ‘okay.’ In Welsh and it was a line long. We gave up eventually, not cos of that, just cos it was a basi 3 parter dragged to 6. And dragged was the word.

      • “Sounds awful!” as Marvin the robot in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy would say.

  1. How splendid! Mia must be thrilled. Was this taken in the early spring, before leaves?

    Okay, Dale’s tree is the Peach Tree? Just checking. I’ve got a lot of trees growing in my files. Her tree will be in the new adventure. Probably ep. 2 or 3.
    Holly’s Tangle-Heart and my Cottonwood are in all the tales, wherever they are needed.

    • Thanks, Mia. That was such a great sky above you tree that night. Did you know you started a whole thing with women bloggers claiming trees?

      • You started a thing with trees. I had posted a photo of your tree, and Resa said she wanted a tree. The Holly of House of Hearts claimed the Tangle Heart Tree, then Resa wanted each of her Artgown models to have a tree and it snowballed from there. I did a post which shows where all the trees are: https://wp.me/p1yQyy-5d0.

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