23 thoughts on “Please Work Quietly

  1. Well, two of the exits signs are working quietly. More like presenteeism quietly. The tape holding the sign to the wall? It’s not working quietly. Ferrari Guard Red. πŸ™‚

  2. I am always suspicious of notices, especially where there are several. The ‘Save do not throw away’ notice on the r/h exit sign made me smile too. One of my pet hates is a garden full of signs like ‘do not feed the birds’, or ‘do not litter’ with ‘Polite notice’ written on top of each one. One of my favourite city spaces has gone that way. The ‘polite’ bit infuriates me.

    • I hear you on the stupid, necessary signs. The electronic signs on our roadways that are supposed to be used to alert drivers of road conditions now have a constant litany of “Wear your masks” and COVID warnings. Nanniness knows no bounds. I have really come to appreciate “Signs” by the Five Man Electric Band.

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