30 thoughts on “Sunny Flowers

    • Hi Holly. That’s interesting because our brown-eyed Susans have a close cousin that is a black-eyed Susan. Sunflowers are much bigger, but they all look very much alike except for their sizes and stalks.

      • That’s right of course, sunflowers are huge and so beautiful. I read about a man whose wife passed away and in her honor planted acres and acres of sunflowers that lined the country roads for miles. I think it was in Ok. Or Ne. I was very moved by it. These are beautiful! We’d we always called them brown eyed Susan’s. Maybe because we all had brown eyes! 😊

  1. Love sunflowers, Tim! There is a field close by that is filled with sunflowers. Hmmmmm … perhaps I should drive by, stop, and take some pictures. Thank you for the reminder! xo

  2. Just beautiful! I have now drawn Dale in her Sunflower Art Gown. Very exciting!
    I have fab pics of sunflowers, that you sent. All the flower shots will be in the first episode.

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