41 thoughts on “Living on the Edge 20’s

    • Me either, Hedy. I don’t smoke so I don’t know what brands are around these days. Thanks.

      • I never smoked cigarettes. I tried chewing tobacco when I was 12. It made me really sick, and cured me of ever forming that nasty habit. I used to smoke a cigar on occasion with a lawyer friend who was a cigar aficionado.

  1. Here’s my story:

    You said you’d quit!
    I will, I promise.
    She grabbed his pack and threw it to the ground before stomping off.
    He looked at the cigarettes that were still smokable, looked towards his love and made his decision.

    • Not bad. Not bad at all. Here’s my take on it. Low life loitering in the stairwell of the parking garage smoking.
      He’s getting reading to light up another smoke when security pulls up.
      He drops the pack of cigarettes and runs down the stairs before security can get out of the car.

  2. Now I need the story behind that! Never heard of Eagles , maybe they were so terrible he/she tossed them. Have you seen the price of a pack of cigs lately? Great shot, made me wonder!

    • I’ve been in line at the speedy checkout where they sell cigs. If I recall they were $7 or $8 a pack. Thanks, Holly.

      • There’s about $2.80 worth of un-smoked cigs on the steps. A fair piece of change for the homeless. As I noted to Dale, who came up with a love story, I think a loitering smoker got chased off by security. Although, I have happened upon homeless lovers having sex in the parking garage, I don’t believe the abandoned cigs have anything to do with love or sex.

  3. Never heard of that brand. Must’ve been in a hurry to drop all those cigs, or he/she developed the shakes … probably the latter. Chewing tobacco, that’s a learned trait. If you don’t chew right, all of that juice ends up swallowed … eeew. Had an uncle who chewed tobacco … he had three spittoons strategically placed around his house.

    A good brand to learn on are Camels. You’ll turn green until you learn how to smoke them right. My only attraction to Camels was their extensive branded merchandise catalog. My preferred brand are Marlboro Reds. Marlboro also had an extensive branded merchandise catalog. My folks had a set of tumblers from Marlboro, but the tumblers did not have the Marlboro branding. Instead, it had a hunter scene (equestrian). Worst place to buy cigs are any convenience store and the liquor store where you’ll pay premium price.

    • Thanks, David. The smoke shops on the pueblos advertise low prices for cigarettes on their billboards.

  4. We need Sherlock Holmes for this one. My guess is they were rejected as nasty tasting because there seems to be a brown tipped one smoked to the quick at the top, then one of the Eagles broken in half after an inch. Are these the cigarette equivalent of decaf coffee, I wonder?

    • That’s some interesting Sherlocking, Susan. All excellent questions which I believe the answers will remain mysteries. Thanks.

  5. Someone has a lot of money to throw around for sure… An average of a pkt of 20 here depending on brand I just looked up range from Β£10 to Β£13…. Don’t know that in Dollars… but it’s a lot… That or they fell out of their pocket… πŸ™‚ Some one’s lucky find.. πŸ™‚
    Have a great weekend Tim πŸ™‚

    • That’s around $13 to $17 a pack in dollars. It’s really expensive to smoke in the UK. I don’t think the person had money to throw around. Losing a few cigs is much cheaper than a $300 fine for loitering.

      • Wow to the fines for loitering..Here a new law past today people who are in illegal gatherings of more than thirty people can face fines of Β£10,000. Interesting as a rally in London scheduled tomorrow with speakers such as Doctors etc. 😟

      • Some of the fines for not following Our Highness’s (the governess of New Mexico) COVID orders are $50,000 or more. She means business when in comes to putting businesses out of business, and people in their places.

      • WOW…. corruption at it best…. as we see plainly where all of this is meant to hit… and where they want it to go… Hollywood has already cast its dream-spell of where they want to take our planet… Now its up to us to break it.. πŸ™ Enjoy your weekend Tim.

  6. haiku, 5/7/5. this is the first haiku i’ve ever written, so forgive me if it’s mediocre.
    you promised you would-
    looked me in the eye, and lied,
    why haven’t you quit?
    cool photo- really thought provoking.
    love always,

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