35 thoughts on “Spidering

  1. Silver is amazing and beautiful! It’s great that they have things to keep cats happy! I remember the Daddy Long Legs from my youth but spiders are still creepy. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Love the upper mountain bivvy seed to transform into Silverโ€™s Charlotteโ€™s Web Making. 5.10c 3-pitch overnight bivvy web-making workshop in that one image.

    • Wow. You got a lot out of that. Silver really appreciates you raising him to such a esteemed level in is Spidering. Thanks, Jordan.

  3. Hahaha… this is so funny! Jimi prefers to eat the spiders instead of imitating them. Mr. Bowie also loved to eat a spider once in a while as some kind of treat.

  4. Those are a great set of photos, Tim! Spidering is a perfect term for Silver in his hammock! Silver has a nice prominent set of fangs tips showing. I think it was Rosencrantz I remember having those too. They seemed to make it into a lot of photos.

    • Rosencratz had major fangs. We called him Claws n’ Fangs. Silver’s fangs are photogenic as well. Thanks, Lavinia.

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