iReady Cats, Roses, Flowers, Sky

iReady Spunk

Veteran’s Honor



Wild sky

Talk to Loki’s claws

Veteran’s Honor

Rainbow Sorbet

Brown-eyed Susans



57 thoughts on “iReady Cats, Roses, Flowers, Sky

  1. Wonderful collection of fun things- Sunflowers, roses, brown-eyed Susan field, and a super rose, Veteran’s Honor.
    It seems especially hot today. I stepped out from the back door and felt like I ran into a wall of heat!

    • Thanks, Susan. It was 96 in the parking garage when I left the office at 4:00 pm this afternoon. It felt much warmer between the office and the parking garage.

  2. I enjoyed this series of sweet and summery treasures today, Timothy. The rose photos, espec. the second photo on your queue, look so vivid. I like the light reflecting on the edge of the petals. Also liked the other flowers and was surprised and delighted to learn there is such a thing as a brown-eyed Susan. I love that Rudbeckia, but thought there were only the black-eyed Susans. Great to learn this exquisite flower has a close cousin. Lovely post.

    • Thanks, Jet. The brown-eyed Susans were part of a Spring Hill collection. They and the echinaceas out of that collection decided they really like it here and have spread nicely.

  3. I swear the fragrance of roses greeted me , so beautiful I feel I could reach out and touch them. Now Loki looks like he would prefer I not touch him ! Belly rubs for Spunk.

  4. What a treat, Tim. Between that sky and your delightful so cool cats and those stunning roses, I’m high as a kite. LOVED your pictures which started my day with a smile and love. Thank you! xo

    • Always happy to make your day, Holly. Spunk and Loki are never ending sorurces of entertainment. But now with the two kittens we are entertained all night. Thanks.

  5. Aww, Spunkie-Poo 💋!
    He’s the Apple of my i! (bad pun)
    No wonder he’s a bit jealous of the kittens. He’s probably been the cutest, until the i-kittens showed up!
    Beautiful flower shots, Tim! I’ve already started to draw the flower gowns.
    Loki is not to be messed with! (So cute)

    • Thanks, Resa. Spunk actually walked right between the kittens last night without hissing at them. Quite an improment. Loki is making play-type gestures. Gwendylon was playing with Loki’s tail this morning and he didn’t object. Progress. Flowery art gowns? I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

      • It’s the first episode of the next PBH Adventure – RR & The Art Gowns do Chicago!
        Art Gowns Model Gigi lives there, She sent me some Chicago pics. She adores the Botanical Garden there, so that got my imagination going. She picked the Orange Poppy. I already drew that one. I think it’s a keeper.

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