Sun Through Smoke

Just before sunset last night.

A wildfire north of Santa Fe gave us smoking skies last night and this morning.

Setting sun through the smoke last night.

Sun rising through the smoke this morning.

View from Beaver Point.

55 thoughts on “Sun Through Smoke

  1. Beautiful photography, Timothy. I have seen the smoke fog here a few times recently. It rolls over the mountains on the west side of the valley… I do hope these wonderful firefighters can extinguish these many fires soon. It’s sad.

    • Hi John. The Medio fire, that the smoke is coming from, has grown to 550 acres and is 0% contained. It’s in a very difficult to access area north of Santa Fe.

  2. Disasters do make for beautiful pictures, don’t they? Sad that there are so many fires burning right now. My goodness. I can’t believe there is now a “fire season”…

    • You need to find a Beaver Point. I know there are lots of beavers up your way. Thanks, David.

  3. Knowing what that smoke means, it’s hard not to feel sad about all the victims of fires, however it almost always creates such spectacular views. Amazing, my friend.

      • Yes, beautiful suns. My daughter lives east of California, they too have beautiful suns and breathing difficulties. Sure you have the same problem every summer. Here in Ireland we have this kind of sun once in a while when a dense fog comes down from the mountains. You have got beautiful photographs. Wish it has been fog though πŸ™‚

      • We don’t get muh fag here because it’s so dry. Smoke, unfortunately, is our fog.

  4. It’s weird how what causes heartache somewhere can be so beautiful a few miles away. Your pictures are uplifting, especially the last, but knowing their cause gives a bittersweet flavour. I used to have a long motorway commute each Friday. If I got on the road and it was very quiet, I used to think ‘great’ then feel bad for someone lower down the road who was no doubt having a much less pleasant journey and blocking the road.

  5. Those are spectacular photos, Tim. Yes, smoke from fires gives the sun a distinct hazy orange hue, especially at sunrise. We haven’t had smoke up here in my area, yet, but all burning is banned until October. It’s tinderbox dry out there.

  6. Those are beautiful photos Tim. I hope the fires are under control. I hadn’t heard of the Sante Fe fires, only California, Wildfires are a destructive fact of life now.

  7. Be safe Timothy and yes an eerie sort of beauty…there was an intense fire in pentiction this week in BC…the colours are indeed amazing ~ smiles Hedy πŸ€“πŸ˜€

  8. Spectacular shots! Too bad something has to burn. Funny how ugly and beauty are related…. in a similar way to the fine line between love and hate.
    I gotta say, with all those leaves on the tress, I can’t tell whose who!

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