48 thoughts on “The Split

    • Mount Tayler is out west, but I think it’s south of where the split is happening. Thanks, John.

    • Thanks, Bruce. It started out swirly. Laurie saw it at that point and then went back inside and missed the split. She was really surprised to see how it ended up.

  1. That is majestic. Maybe submit it to Dover Publications for a Modern take on the the next reprint cover of WIlliam Blake’s “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”. ? Such a harmony of Both-And there, seeing both sides (yes, maybe of a mountain… though, still no less a wow-factor).

    • Good idea. It could also make a good cover for a book on politics in the 21st Century. I just ordered a book for Laurie’s class that was last updated in 2010 titled “Graduate Study for the Twenty-First Century: How to Build an Academic Career in the Humanities 2nd ed.” I told her it’s way out of date with covid cooties and all. Thanks, Jordan.

      • Funny, 10 years and it IS way out of date. It would make a good cover for a book about politics in any time. Personally, I wouldn’t subject the power and value of your image, calm in its strength, calm enough to be gentle without pulling a single punch, though not needing to punch or pull. It very much is an image of the All.

        Plus, right wing, left wing, you need both, and they both belong to the same bird. Have only one, and at best you hop around or just fly in circles. The show Crossfire in the 80s had a very us and them Left versus Right. Right being anti-intellectual and too greedy from the Left’s perspective. Left being too intellectual and afraid of money and wanting handout for education… when they BOTH needed to be schooled back then that their amplifying rift would end up where we are now. Stalemates of parties impotent to get out of the quagmire of myopia.

  2. Wow! That is almost an eery depiction of our current political and social climate!

    I love this capture though, Tim. It’s stunningly beautiful! You’ve got such a gift!

  3. Spectacular! You get the most dramatic skies, from apocalyptic to prophetic.
    I should laugh, there is a joke in there. Yet, it’s sad.
    Now you made me think of that song Laughing, by the Guess Who.
    Cripes, I’ll be singing it all day!

    • We do get amazing skies. Apocalyptic to prophetic is a wonderful observation. I hope you like the song.

      • I like all your songs!! Are referring especially to Two Steppin To Nowhere? It’s great! (Listening to it again, now!)Thought I sent a mail back. Lol, maybe I’m dreaming in email, now! Did I miss a song?

      • I did get your email. I thought I replied. We are somewhere in email la la land.

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