35 thoughts on “The Weed Flower is a Primrose

    • They are pretty and in the words of Seller and Yeatman from “1066 and All That” they are also “weeny, weedy, and weaky” (their translation of “Veni, vidi, vici”).

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Looking up this variety, I saw that there are primroses that grow 7 to 9 feet tall on the west coast.

    • Hi Amy Rose. In my search for the variety of this one, I saw that there are many, many types of primrose. They are pretty.

  1. So… those are all wild flowers, including those amazing pretty Primroses? Just gorgeous. Holly chose wild flowers for her flower gown. I’ve yet to draw that one. I like the textures one gets with the wildflowers.
    Now, the shrivelled up ones are adding more to the texture!
    I’m so excited to see what this gown will look like.
    I’ve got the folder started for the next adventure, and your flower shots are all in there. I love the second shot!! Are Brown-Eyed Susans wild flowers?

  2. Wildflowers like primroses teach us a lot about life. Though being just tossed around, they find they way to bloom and flourish – and remind us that a new day is here at the first streak of dawn, to hope and to dream, and to continue living. 🙂

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