48 thoughts on “Looking Through The Glass

    • Hi Susan. They are growing and standing up to the big kitties. Marble hissed and slapped Glenda the other day expecting Glenda to run off. Instead Marble got socked in the face by a right hook from Glenda in return. Marble was stunned. It would have been a great scene for video, but it all happened too fast. Marble is respecting the kittens a lot more now. Silver is starting to come in and sort of tolerate the kittens. Spunk has come into the bedroom on a couple of early mornings since it’s cold. He growled and hissed the whole time while the kittens teased and taunted him.

  1. So is Gwendolyn just bidding her time before she moves in to stake a claim in the hierarchy? I can but wonder the outcome of the coming power struggle. You all must be loving watching the interactions.

    • Hi Maj & Sher. Gwendolyn and Glenda don’t seem to care a whole lot about the kitty hierarchy at the moment. They are just not putting up with being slapped around when the hostile big kitties come into the room. They are standing up to them. They are more interested in playing with anyone who will play with them. Uncle Loki is the best so far. He hangs out with the kittens and plays with them a lot. Marble is thinking about playing with them now that Glenda has put her in her place.

  2. Fascinating interactions, I think they are going to settle in soon, Tim.
    The corridors of power will still be challenged for a while, methinks.

  3. They’ve reached the conclusion you’re a little odd, Tim. (LOL)

    Glad, the kittens are starting to be accepted. My kitty crew and Caitie are slowly reaching a mutual acceptance; not as much hissing.

    • Hi Resa. It’s getting easier. Glenda is larger and has longer hair than Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn has her turned out paws that give her away also.

      • Laurie opened the bathroom door to let Spunk it and Gwendolyn chased him out and down the hall. When Gendolyn realized she was out of her element, she scurried back into the bathroom with her tail poofed.

      • Kiitty detant has not been the kittens and all of the big cats. Silver has started sleeping on the bed, but he still swats and hisses at the little monkey cats when they fly by him in the night.

        Teagan had an idea for a Wizard of Oz setting for Spunk’s adventures in the alternate cataverse. She’s casting Glenda and Gwendolyn as the flying monkeys. She got their roles perfect because they are like flying monkeys they way the tear around the room, climb walls, and jump from high places.

        Spunk has been venturing into the bedroom, but he usually goes in and comes out growling and hissing. He has slept on the bed with us on colder nights, growling, hissing, and swatting at the kittens more than sleeping.

      • Hahaha!
        You live in Katlandu!
        Ahh, kittens!
        Sounds like Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹ is at least giving some kind of begrudging acceptance.
        Seems his other world adventure is allowing that begrudgement.

      • Spunk came into the bedroom early this morning and sat in the same window without growling and hissing. That’s progress.

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