Bathing Under Blue Skies

Crows bathing in the Rio Grande in the late afternoon.

Video of the crows bathing.

The Pterodactyl was sunbathing in a cottonwood and took a flight when he got tired of the paparazzo photographing him. He landed on another cottonwood across the ditch. No sooner than he settled in, another Pterodactyl flew in a took his place.

What’s that?



Get Set

New Pterodactyl


60 thoughts on “Bathing Under Blue Skies

  1. The shots directly above “Ready” and “Incoming” are definitely pterosaurs-like. Here in Indiana you rarely see a murder of crows anymore. Three to four is most I’ve seen together in a while.

    • We have thousands of crows and cranes. The most pterodactyls I’ve see together is 4. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

    • I like listening to crows and cranes. The Great Blue Heron, which is the pterodactyl, sounds like what I believe a pterodactyl would sound like. It’s like a loud growling squawk. They have scared the crap out of me flying up in front of me in the dark making their loud terrifying squawk.

  2. Lovely post. Gave me a couple of very happy thoughts: the contrast of the darkness of the bathing crows, and my daft attachment to…(Duran Duran’s “Rio”)…”dancing in the sand” 🤦
    Then memories of my dad (sadly missed) telling of the Pterodactyl’s that he spotted as a kid (I wander if they might have been herons?)…no! Definitely Pterodactyls!

    • Your dad saw pterodactyls in his youth, not doubt. I’m happy you got some happy thoughts and nice memories for the crows and pters. Thanks, Kay.

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