Against Blue Skies

Pink Sandias

Shey’s Tree

Tangle Heart Tree

Tiffany’s Tree with Robin’s Tree on the left.

Gabriela’s Tree with Teagan’s Trees on the left. Susan’s Tree in the background on the right.

Resa’s Tree


45 thoughts on “Against Blue Skies

  1. The pink Sandias are heavenly, what a great photo of their majesty. Really liked the wintry silhouetted tree photos, and each one named, demonstrating your connection and affection. Great photos, Tim. I have found I love seeing your various renditions of the Tangle Heart Tree.

  2. Ahh, the Cottonwood Collection! Fantastic.
    Again, with Resa’s tree…. but can I pick ’em or what? And you sure have taken some luscious pics of it.
    Is Holly’s Tangle-Heart a dead Cottonwood?

    • The Tangle Heart Tree and Mia’s tree are dead. But they are among the living dead as they are both magic.

      • I see that! I didn’t actually know Mia’s tree was dead. It seems quite branchy, at least compared to the Tangle-Heart.
        I’m glad you don’t get rid of them. I like this life of beauty after death example.

    • All the cottonwoods on our property are probably between 75 and 100 years old, with the exception of Lavinia’s tree which is 18 year old. We raised Lavinia’s tree from when it was a twig.

      The tangle heart tree was not very old when it died. It died along with several other cottonwoods growing close to the levee during the drought in 2013.

      • How neat… from a twig! Love that.
        Oh wow, a drought! Bummer.
        So my tree is at least 75 years old? Very cool!

      • If you look at the tree on the far left behind the outhouse in the photo of our property in the post “Parallel Cataverse”,, you can see what your tree looked like in 1958. It was probably around 25 years old then, which would make it about 87 years old.

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