A Chevy To Pay My Levy

The Piñon Coffee Company’s Chevy pickup at a coffee show in 2019.

I had not been to the Piñon Coffee Company’s retail outlet since before the pandemic in late 2019. I had to order coffee online at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 because they had to close their retail outlet by orders of the governor. I had continued to order coffee online since I don’t drive by their retail outlet anymore. I went out on an errand today which was near the Piñon Coffee Company. Since we needed more Mexican Spice Chocolate coffee beans, I decided to stop by the retail outlet while I was in the area. Over the past couple of years, Piñon has spruced up their retail outlet, and there’s now a Chevy to pay my levy when I collect my coffee beans in person.

44 thoughts on “A Chevy To Pay My Levy

  1. That’s awesome and inginuitive. The first pic reminds me of going to the car show in Los Angeles with my dad. It was always such a treat to see the diversity of old cars, all spruced up and running strong.

      • It looks like the last Super Nationals was held in January 2020 right before the pandemic. A LowRider Super Show is scheduled in June. I’ll have to see what my mood is like in June.

      • Ah, I see. The Super Nationals sounds awesome. I’ve never been to a LowRider Super Show, though have seen many awesome LowRiders at other shows. The last show I went to was in 2018, I think. The Classic Auto Show in Costa Mesa, CA. Is an awesome show.

  2. Covid turned almost everything on its head. I like the red Chevy, and the Chevy for the levy table is a nice touch.

    I remember t hat song “American Pie” by Don McLean.

  3. Hubby went to Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale in January. We both went to Concours in the Hills (Fountain Hills) this month. Both were well attended and few people took any notice of the suggestions to mask and social distance. Since we had just recently had Covid and are vaxxed, we thoroughly enjoyed the normalcy of both events.

    • Sounds like fun. Our governer thifted the mask mandate last Thursday. It’s amazing how many vaxed folks have had covid.

  4. That is absolutely creative and stunning design piece for their retail store. Not a coffee drinker (doctors ordered no caffeine diet following a high blood pressure issue in my younger high stress IT career days pounding out code and slugging Mountain Dews day and night. God I miss those days .. NOT ha! Let’s just hope that levee never goes dry!

    • Thanks, Brian. Mountain Dew would get you wired. I love coffee, although I don’t like flavored coffee. I like it strong and black. I make Laurie a different flavor every morning rotating between 6 different flavors we have on hand.

    • MSC is one of their best. You can order coffee from them if you want to try some: https://nmpinoncoffee.com/products. I believe it would free shipping to wherever you are. The current rotation of the coffee I make for Laurie every morning is: Somos Unidos (A limited edition in honor of our local soccer team. The flavor is biscochito with red chile. I bought out the last of their stock at Christmas.), Vanilla Bourbon, Coconut Almond Delight, Essence of Santa Fe, Mexican Spiced Chocolate, and Biscochito. We are hoping they will bring back Raspberry Chocolate and Strawberry White Chocolate but they have not offered either since the pandemic. Thanks, JYP.

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