Mama Owl is in the nest! I’ve been checking every night since I photographed Mama and Daddy together on Friday evening to see if I could see Mama Owl in the nest. Last night I didn’t see her, but tonight I could see the top of her head. When I said, “Mama Owl, you are on the nest!” She popped her head up just enough to look over the edge at me and let her ear tuffs blow in the wind. The evening sky was celebrating mama owl with a display of beautiful colors after sundown.

Daddy Owl was deep in thought.

56 thoughts on “NEWS ALERT!

  1. Congratulations to Mama and Daddy Owl! Thanks for getting those photos of them, Tim! The skies and scenes from your area are always beautiful, too, and so pleasant to think about as opposed to listening to world news.

  2. How long do you think it will be before there are baby owls, Tim? Last year, a robin built a nest on my back porch, and I got to watch the three eggs hatch, mama robin feed her babies, and eventually, them fly away. It was an interesting experience.

  3. Lololol! Those ears sticking up are precious. The excitement has begun. I feel like I’m in the waiting room at the hospital. Grabbed the Tangle-Heart!

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