A Chevy To Pay My Levy

The Piñon Coffee Company’s Chevy pickup at a coffee show in 2019.

I had not been to the Piñon Coffee Company’s retail outlet since before the pandemic in late 2019. I had to order coffee online at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 because they had to close their retail outlet by orders of the governor. I had continued to order coffee online since I don’t drive by their retail outlet anymore. I went out on an errand today which was near the Piñon Coffee Company. Since we needed more Mexican Spice Chocolate coffee beans, I decided to stop by the retail outlet while I was in the area. Over the past couple of years, Piñon has spruced up their retail outlet, and there’s now a Chevy to pay my levy when I collect my coffee beans in person.

Sunday’s Sound of Coffee Grinding

One of the parodies I never published is called The Sound of Coffee Grinding based on The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkle. I don’t remember what inspired the parody. I was obviously grinding coffee, which I do every day. Twisted minds never rest and the strangest ideas for parodies are always presenting themselves.

While writing the lyrics I imagined a hyper-version of the song like when you are wound up on coffee. The first recording I did was a hyper arrangement loosely based on the original music. Since the idea for the parody was a bit out there, to begin with, the hyper version ended up being a bit echoey.

I tried singing my parody lyrics to the traditional music for The Sound of Silence. It was really bloody awful. I asked Teagan at Teagan’s Books if she wanted to take a stab at singing The Sound of Coffee Grinding. I sent her the music and she did a wonderful take on the traditional version of the music. Teagan imaged that I make a back and forth duet out of it, but my vocals didn’t really work, and far as I am concerned my voice detracts from Teagan’s beautiful, sultry voice.

She didn’t want to attempt the hyper version. I can’t blame her. There is only so much of a twisted mind’s parody a sane person is willing to tackle.

I’ve included both versions below. The first is the traditional version with Teagan’s Vocals. The second is the hyper version with my vocals.

The Sound of Coffee Grinding (Traditional)

Parody Lyrics by Timothy Price. Vocals by Teagan Riordain Geneviene. Music by Simon & Garfunkle. 

The Sound of Coffee Grinding (Hyper)

Parody Lyrics by Timothy Price. Vocals by Timothy Price. Arrangement by Timothy Price. Guitars, Bass, Percussion by Timothy Price. Original music by Simon & Garfunkle. 
Music graphics in the photo from http://clipart-library.com/ & http://www.clipartpanda.com/

Like Chocolate like Coffee


We went to the Southwest Chocolate & Coffee Fest this afternoon. It was very crowded, very noisy, but interesting to see the coffee roasters and chocolatiers in New Mexico together. There were a lot of other vendors selling beer, wine, salsas, pastries, jams and jellies, jewelry, hats, T-shirts and various fast foods. There were also painting and baking classes, a barn turned into a playground for children, and a stage with a so so country band that played a set while we were walking around. There was a “Ted Talk” like presentation on indigenous use of cocoa and honey going on while we were there, also. I have only included photos of a few of the coffee roasters and chocolatiers.

VM had a excellent booth. I had some printing done at The Village Print Shop on Friday, and they were printing the T-shirts for VM Coffee.

When Theobroma had a little shop downtown, we used to get chocolate there. Theobroma chocolate is super.


ChocGlitz & Cream did have a shiny glitzy look about them.

I wanted to get a full shot of the cow skull, but there were too many people crowded around it, and they were in no hurry to move.

Cocoa and Honey talk

All kinds of chocolate covered caramel apples.

Coffee bean whisperers

The Art of Chocolate’s chocolates were very fancy and very good looking.

New Mexico Piñon Coffee is Laurie’s favorite coffee.