Sunday’s Sound of Coffee Grinding

One of the parodies I never published is called The Sound of Coffee Grinding based on The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkle. I don’t remember what inspired the parody. I was obviously grinding coffee, which I do every day. Twisted minds never rest and the strangest ideas for parodies are always presenting themselves.

While writing the lyrics I imagined a hyper-version of the song like when you are wound up on coffee. The first recording I did was a hyper arrangement loosely based on the original music. Since the idea for the parody was a bit out there, to begin with, the hyper version ended up being a bit echoey.

I tried singing my parody lyrics to the traditional music for The Sound of Silence. It was really bloody awful. I asked Teagan at Teagan’s Books if she wanted to take a stab at singing The Sound of Coffee Grinding. I sent her the music and she did a wonderful take on the traditional version of the music. Teagan imaged that I make a back and forth duet out of it, but my vocals didn’t really work, and far as I am concerned my voice detracts from Teagan’s beautiful, sultry voice.

She didn’t want to attempt the hyper version. I can’t blame her. There is only so much of a twisted mind’s parody a sane person is willing to tackle.

I’ve included both versions below. The first is the traditional version with Teagan’s Vocals. The second is the hyper version with my vocals.

The Sound of Coffee Grinding (Traditional)

Parody Lyrics by Timothy Price. Vocals by Teagan Riordain Geneviene. Music by Simon & Garfunkle. 

The Sound of Coffee Grinding (Hyper)

Parody Lyrics by Timothy Price. Vocals by Timothy Price. Arrangement by Timothy Price. Guitars, Bass, Percussion by Timothy Price. Original music by Simon & Garfunkle. 
Music graphics in the photo from &

88 thoughts on “Sunday’s Sound of Coffee Grinding

  1. He turned and pounced and I got a cramp….

    Tim, I had to to turn it up to hear it over my laughter… Now, on to listen to the Hyper version. Splash of Jolt Cola, please

    • I’m happy you you got a good laugh out of it. This is another one of those that cat owners will appreciate. With the kittens and Loki sleeping with me, there is a lot of pouncing and cramping going on most nights. Thanks, Jordan.

      • Oh, I get that. When I had Merc, I would dream of a face Jacuzzi ??? And, then it would start to get really cold and uncomfortable. Invariably, he had climbed on my head which is cool to me (not to my Chiro), though relaxed himself, and as he sank in he would pretty much become a kitty pillow smothering me. It was fine when he was a kitten, because he’d find a spot, my neck, my ear… But, of course at 12 pounds grown, and still a lap cat who remembers that… I’m gathering you know.

      • Sasha, who is a huge cat, we call her the badger, likes to sleep on my chest close to my face and she often puts her paws on my throat trying to snuggle up close to my face. She my be trying to kill me, but I think she’s just snuggling. I have to shift her a little bit so I can breath or not have a kitty induced stroke.

      • 🙂 I get that. Death by Love. Sounds like a Greek tragedy. Merc use to do the nursing massage with his paws all the time, though when he would begin to do it on my jugular or trachea… same gig you are experiencing with Sasha Te Badger.

  2. Ha!Ha! I also enjoyed both. Teagan, I liked your version. Tim, I laughed with both and your version was so you…🤭Fun stuff…

  3. Tim, now that some time has passed, that’s every bit as funny as it was the first time I read your lyrics. It was a surprising amount of work, but fun.
    Thanks for letting me be a part of this.
    Now more coffee. 😉 Hugs on the wing!

    • I’m was so happy you were willing to participate in the craziness. I love having other people sing my parodies. It makes them so much more fun. I need to look at getting something together on your Mousies parody.

      • I thought about playing the piano for that one, but I’m even worse on that than singing properly. I don’t read music. I can sing along with Willie Nelson’s key, but… Well, I don’t have the stress level to be a perfectionist with it.

      • I’ll come up with some music for it, and we’ll see if we can get a duet out of it.

  4. It was great to be able to hear Teagan’s voice and her version of the song after reading many of her stories. What a fun song! And your version is totally unique. Thanks for sharing, Tim, and I hope you keep the parodies coming. We need a good laugh!

  5. Fantastic job, Teagan. 🙂

    The hyper version might work with a punk rock pace. Think Sex Pistols. I don’t know if you would be Sid Vicious or Johnny Rotten. 😉

  6. I enjoyed both of these. I think anyone who is owned by one or more cats can relate to the lyrics. Teagan’s voice is wonderful.

    Thanks to both of you for a nice laugh to start the week.

  7. Dearest Tim, this is such a fun post. Delightful! Teagan has a beautiful voice. If you’re reading this Teagan, you have an amazing voice. Thank you both, an much needed laugh and smile!

  8. OMG, the lyrics are so brilliant! Hard to say which version I like best, totally different, Teagan has a wonderful voice, I don’t know how she can sing without laughing! 😂 I like your version too, great music!

    • Thanks, Tiffany. You know cats, so you can really appreciate the lyrics. I’m happy you enjoyed it. Holly has tried to sing a couple of my parodies and said she can’t get through them because she starts laughing too much. That’s therapy just trying to sing them.

    • I emailed her an mp3 file of the music. She recorded herself, on her computer I assume, and sent me the file of just her vocals and I mixed it in with the music.

      Suzette used her phone to record Kitty and sent me the file. Once I get a vocal file, I add it as a track to the song in Studio One and then mix everything to get the sound levels and execution correct.

    • Yes, Resa — Tim did the heavy lifting with the recording. I downloaded Studio One… I can usually follow my nose to use whatever software, but I couldn’t work with Studio One at all. So Tim did even more work using the files I sent him just using my computer’s microphone.

      • You were brave enough to download Studio One Prime. It is daunting since you had not worked with a digital audio software of that type. I think you could make good use of it once you got into it, but I understand how intimidating it is. One of these days you might be able to revisit it and make it work for you.

      • My post-“retirement” goals got side-tracked by the same problems that made me leave work. Anyhow one goal was to make an audio book of one of my stories. I need to investigate what “Audible” requires and the simplest, cheapest way to do it — after I’m feeling less overwhelmed. (Audible is what Amazon insists on for their audio books.)

      • I just looked up the Audible requirements. The file that goes to them is mp3, easy enough. It’s all the consistency in your reading, the db range and bitrate requirments that are more demanding. Studio One will be a great helping you meet all those requiments before you create the final mp3 file.

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