Spunk Heard You Calling

Spunk happy to be home snuggling on me.

Spunk heard everyone’s calls telling him to come home. He showed up at around 12:40 this afternoon after being gone for almost three weeks. Laurie texted me a photo of Spunk and called me at 12:50 with the news. All of your collective energy through prayer and positive vibes caught Spunk’s attention and helped bring him home. While he wasn’t able to hear us calling him, I didn’t think he could ignore his fans. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to everyone for helping to bring Spunk home. Our world has started turning once again.

Spunk is thinner, but he does not seem injured or starving. So far he is eating and drinking like normal, wanting attention, and hanging around his favorite spots. I asked him where he had been and what he had been up to, but so far he’s not saying much about it. We’ll keep an eye on him and I’ll take him in for a check-up in a week or so unless something comes up that needs immediate attention. Spunk hates being put into a carrier and riding to the vet. I see no need to add to the stress with a vet visit right after he makes it back home. It was hard enough for him to come home and find the deck wired in. It’s like we had changed the locks on him.