The newly wired-in deck in panorama.

Before Spunk disappeared, we were not allowing the big cats to go out freely. Since the kittens seemed to be on the verge of figuring out the kitty door to the rest of the house, we didn’t want an open kitty door that would let them outside. I have plans to extend the catio, but since the kitties always want to be with us on the deck, I decided to wire in the deck so we can open the kitty door and they can go out and hang out on the deck, but they can’t go beyond the deck.

I added three doors where the steps to the deck are and wired in the rest of the deck. The whole time I was working on it the kitties were in the catio meowing at me to let them onto the deck and beyond. I kept telling them to hold on, I was almost done. When I finished hanging the double doors, I opened the kitty door and called at cats to come out on the deck. They came running but soon became very confused that they were wired in, separated from the great outdoors beyond the deck. They felt hoodwinked. So far Sasha is the only kitty taking advantage of access to the deck and the deck furniture. All the kitties liked lounging on the deck before it was wired in. I think Loki, Silver, and Marble are being defiant and registering the kitty complaints for being hoodwinked.

Sasha lounging on the chaise lounge.

The newly wired-in deck in super-wide-angle.

Sasha on a comfy cushion. She doesn’t feel hoodwinked. She appreciates access to the deck.

Silver: “Give me free access to the great outdoors or give me couch!”


No Spunk

One of the last photos of Spunk before he disappeared.

I sadly have to report that Spunk is missing. He has been gone for almost a fortnight. He had been up to his usual game of coming to the window, making Laurie interrupt her class to let him in, and then he would go through the house, back outside, walk around the house and show up at the window again. Then he didn’t show up at the window, not surprising, as he often found other things to get into.  When I came home from work, he was not waiting for me as usual. He wasn’t always waiting for me, but most of the time he was there. He had disappeared for more than a day a few weeks earlier. We figured he’d found a friend at one of the neighbor’s. Spunk is a social kitty and very friendly with strangers.

The next day after he didn’t come home, I called neighbors and stopped by and asked neighbors if they had seen Spunk. None of the near neighbors remembered seeing him. I called animal control, but they had no cats recently.  Since we have ended end up with cats for weeks on end that turned out to belong to neighbors several properties over we didn’t know, we are still hoping Spunk is at someone’s house and will eventually get out and come home.