Cat In A Tree on MasticadoresUsa // Editora: Gabriela Marie Milton

My short story Cat In A Tree was published on MasticadoresUsa // Editora: Gabriela Marie Milton

You can read it at

I got home really late again tonight. Below is the sky at dawn when I left for work, and three shots of the night sky when I got home.

50 thoughts on “Cat In A Tree on MasticadoresUsa // Editora: Gabriela Marie Milton

    • Thanks, Dale. I’m happy you liked it. People get so caught up in themselves and their depression they forget they have a roll to play outside themselves.

      • It’s funny. I just finished watching Season 1 of After Life with Ricky Gervais – who I usually don’t like but in this is good. Anyway, this is exactly his character – caught up in his own grief and, as it goes along, he is starting to see…

      • My mam told me once re when she was going with my dad at the time and all of fifteen and working to support her family during the depression. how her mam would ask for that extra hour in the day. I often think it is a gift we all need.

      • We all need that hour. I updated the vocals. Link on tonight’s post.

  1. Enjoyed the story very much, Tim. Also enjoyed the story and photo journal of the “Rescue of Sasha”. It is kinda wild that we ID’d Sasha from the story photo. Guess we do know the Price kitties…

  2. Tim – we are not alone and there are many mysteries that will forever be “dissolved into the darkness.” What came through you short story was compassion that arrives in our lives when we most need healing and understanding. Many thanks for reminding me of the miracles that have arrived in my life, unexpectedly.

    • That must be MasticadoresUsa’s follwers, I have over 3,000 followers. Thanks, Cindy.

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