The Iron Sign

First off, I rerecorded the vocals on War that I posted on February 27th. If you would like to listen to the song the new vocals go to:

Our Iron “arc” sign was delivered today. I clamped it on to see how everyone likes it now that we are used to the blue sign I put up in November. If we decide to keep the iron sign on the monument, then I will drill it and mount it permanently, and we’ll find another place for the blue sign. If I put the blue sign back on the monument, then I put the iron sign somewhere else.

The sky and clouds were exceptionally beautiful tonight

49 thoughts on “The Iron Sign

    • The sign blends in with the color scheme of the building and campus much better. Thanks, Bruce.

  1. Okay… forgive me if I begin with the breathtaking skies but really the painter was exceptionally creative!
    On the sign, I definitely like the new one more (a lot more) but the blue one is more visible on that spot.

  2. The blue sign really catches the eye, but the new sign fits the color scheme better, blending in, but I am not sure you want a sign to blend in.

    I enjoyed seeing the skies and geese. You have some gorgeous scenery down there.

    • Thanks, Charlotte. There is a light on the sign. I will have to see what it looks like lit. When the time changes on the 13th it will be dark when I come into the office. We live in paradise.

    • We need a sign so people know which building our business is in. The blue sign is large and does not fit the color scheme of the buildings in the plaza. I had the iron sign made to see if it fit in better. Thanks, abvr.

    • Yes it is. I’m happy you like it.

      Then there’s

      “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
      Blockin’ out the scenery
      Breakin’ my mind
      Do this, don’t do that
      Can’t you read the sign?”

      By the Five Man Electric Band to get stuck in your head, also. Thanks, JYP.

  3. My nod would be to the new sign – as you mentioned above, the color scheme is more complimentary to the rest of the surrounding palette. Guess the choice is really weather you need to grab someone’s eye or not as the blue does pop more.

    • Only two people at the office who are on the fence about it. Otherwise it’s been 100% for the new sign. Thanks, Brian.

  4. The last shot ~ Canadian geese flying in formation ~ now that is a sight and sky that I always 100% stop, stare, and dream as I watch them fly by 🙂 For the sign, I do like the new one!

  5. The iron sign looks quite classy. The blue sign shows “arc” better.
    Perhaps the blue sign can go high up on the building?

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