50 thoughts on “Spikes

    • They do in many countries. You never see this treatment on residential walls out here. Thanks, Rudi.

    • Actually, since I’ve been walking around the long, mile long block, I have been seeing it everyday. I finally decided to photograph it. Thanks, Shey.

    • They put a different kind of anti-pigeon spikes downtown the pigeons only laughed at them. I have seen any birds near these. Thanks, Couriers.

    • I have not seen pigeons in the new area. Only crows and sparrow-sized birds. Downtown was over ran with pigeons. Thanks, Brian.

      • People have gone totally crazy here. A woman had a pro vax bumper sticker on her car that caused an anti-vaxer to go off her rocker, chase the vax bumper sticker woman down and pull a gun on her. Road rage all over a stupid bumper sticker.

      • That is insane. My dad had his car keyed once because someone didn’t like his bumper sticker. Keying a car is rude (at least it wasn’t a super nice car), but at least no one pulled a gun. I think where my dad lives, there are fewer gun owners and more importantly fewer crazy people. That’s nuts. I’m overall pretty supportive of responsible gun ownership, but the key word there is “responsible” – responsible people don’t threaten others over a bumper sticker. What is the world coming to?

      • You have to add “sane” to responsible. I don’t know if the road rager was the legal owner of said gun, but I get the feeling she was not. It’s very rare that gun owners out here who have purchased their guns legally to pull them on people over bumper stickers, and even petty crime.

        Actually, it’s against the law in Albuquerque to stop shop lifters. I think the city was sued by an shop lifer who was injured by police and had to pay some outrageous settlement. I can’t remember, exactly.

        I needed a light, looked it up on Lowe’s website, and the page showed they had 18 in stock on said shelf. I drove to Lowe’s, found said shelf, and it was empty. I asked the first employee I could find. He scanned the barcode on the empty shelf and said, “we have 20 of those lights!” He looked at all the boxes on the shelves above, none marked with that light.

        There was about 30 lights next to the empty space that were 2/3 higher than the price of the light I needed, but one of those would work. I took a pricey light to customer service and asked the woman at the desk if they would sell the costly light for a price halfway between the two for my having to drive all the way down there on the assumption the less expensive light I needed was in stock.

        She looked it up and told me they had 20 of the other lights, and we walked over so she could experience the empty shelve for herself. She said they must have sold out and they hadn’t updated stock yet. She told me they update stock on Tuesdays. I reminded her that it was Wednesday, so the 20 on her computer are the updated stock. She had to ponder that one for a long time before it sunk in. She found a manager and got permission to sell me the light I had in my hand for the same price as the one I came for.

        My theory is someone walked out the door with 20 light bulbs worth $260 without paying. That was not the first time a website showed items in stock locally and when I got to the store there are none to be found.

      • At one point, I worked in corporate for a company which also operated retail stores. The retail employees were trained never to stop or confront anyone in the process of shoplifting because there was too much of a risk that the shoplifter would become violent. So many crazy people. We had huge problems with our products being stolen from the stores and resold on Amazon, but we couldn’t risk putting the retail employees in a dangerous situation.

      • I think that is probably the standard policy for most large retailers, but here, the police can’t stop them. That’s what’s crazy. There is no deterrent other than most shoppers are honest. But there are a lot of people who have no moral bearings or sense of honor that you or I would recognize as being good.

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