War is a song I wrote and recorded for Ukraine. I wanted to record on Friday, but I worked late, and I had too many things to do yesterday. Les choses sont contre moi! War is bloody awful, but so is war.

By Timothy Price

Tense dreams, nervous sleep
No comfort in the silence
Specters dance in the shades of darkness
Sprites flash forboding violence

Explosions awaken the gods of war
Ares blesses bombs
Enyo ensures destruction to all
Keyes beckons Putin’s call

While Brandon snored
Putin went to war
World ignored
Bad rapport

Destruction, mayhem
Carnage as they fall
Soldiers, civilians
Death to one and all

Sleep is forever
So many unfortunate souls
Humanity fails us again
Innocents sacrificed
For our sins

Spunk disgusted over Putin invading Ukraine.

94 thoughts on “War

  1. Always felt weakness is the root of all wars – weak-willed leaders, weak willed-politicians and weak willed members of humanity that all let us get to this point. I saw multiple comments from a soon to be removed IL politicization basically calling us to go to war directly with a nuke owning Russia. Not sure how this all plays out, but my eyes are on the supposed leaders of the free world – so far Brandon stoked it, Germany comically offered helmets and thought it was okay to become dependent on Russia’s oil, Canada implements authoritarianism to take out bouncy houses yet tries to condemn Putin’s actions and UN Security Council is chaired by the aggressors in this war. What’s next, we sell a large portion of our uranium to Russia… wait, too late. Pretty much with my dude Spunk on this whole thing, but there is plenty of blame to go around.

    • Well said, Brian. I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal that mentioned the west has decided to give Ukraine some lethal and effective weapons. Very late in the game, be better late than never. The Ukrainians are putting up a good fight on their own, and frustrating Putin to no end according to The Economist. Maybe they can put him down with some serious fire power.

  2. your song is a powerful one and so sad Tim.

    these lines…

    “Sleep is forever
    So many unfortunate souls
    Humanity fails us again
    Innocents sacrificed
    For our sins”

    and i agree with Spunk! 🥵

    • I’m happy you liked the song. I’m going to redo the vocals on the beginning and end, and see if I can get a better handle on them. I wrote the song in the key of E major, which is not very good for my limited vocal range.

    • It’s not so much short memories, as Putin has counted on that “Never Again!” The Soviets never agreed to never again, remember the Cold War? Putin figures the west isn’t going to do much, and he’s right, especially with our current brain-dead president, so he’s made his move.

  3. Great song, Tim!
    I’m re-posting a piece I did on Ukraine graffiti from last October. I’d like to add this song.
    If that’s okay? I’ve never posted from SoundCloud, but I can try!

  4. Great lyrics, Tim.
    I admire the Ukrainian people’s resistance in the face of such overwhelming odds. And the protests of Russian citizens. I don’t think Putin expected either.

    • He obviously wasn’t prepared for much opposition. It’s amazing how people, especially those who are more socialist-minded, believe everyone thinks like they do and share the same beliefs and sentiments. They are so out of touch.

  5. I hate Putin! I am praying for Ukraine, not Russia! Russian is literally trying to start a fucking war! We don’t need that during a time now now when there is a damn pandemic going on! There are enough people dying and getting killed in the world, that does not need to get worse!

  6. It’s so sad that in this day and age a dictator can still declare war on a neighbour and threaten to start a major conflict that could draw in the whole world. What is REALLY scary is that Putin is threatening to use nuclear weapons if any countries step in and try to stop him. He is betting on nobody doing that so he can do what he wants.
    But Putin has not reckoned on the determination of Ukraine to stand it’s ground. Their president has given their country hope and has inspired almost every other country with his stand. Even the Russian people are standing up in defiance of Putin, risking their lives by protesting against the war.
    It’s a horribly tragic event, but hopefully some good will come out of this in that when there is a tragedy, it helps bring people together.
    We can only hope.

    • Hi Tony. You are absolutely right. On the nuclear threat, when we were living in Spain in 1999, Yeltsin threatened to nuke Europe over our bombing the Serbs without involving Russia. The Spaniards were unphased. They said nothing much made by the Russians works. I included newspaper clippings on Yeltsin threat at that time in this post from last April: https://wp.me/p1yQyy-6bQ.

  7. B E A U T I F U L ~ this is the mood of the past week, and not only are the lyrics insightful ~ the beat/melody is something to get the body and mind to move, to take action. Your guitar work makes this special ~ how I do admire musicians, all you can communicate to others via the medium of music trumps all. Powerful genius is what a good song brings to the world. Thank you.

  8. I tried to comment on the song but I think you must have to sign in for an account in order to do so. I loved the song, great lyrics and great playing, you were really jamming out with the echo it had quite a profound effect. Your photographs are beautiful Tim. Big hugs to you two. xoxoxoxo

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