40 thoughts on “A Leg Up Walk On Water

  1. Your coot is a hoot! I love coots. They are unusual looking with that white bill. It was good to see Jake, too.

    Corrales skies are always beautiful through your lens.

  2. There are lots of coots on the River Thames close to where I live…I love watching them. For the most part they just float about and dip their lovely little heads:). Thanks and have a lovely Monday and week ahead:)

  3. Coots are notoriously horrible launchers so you see the water jogging a lot, but strange it hasn’t been able to take flight – wonder if its tail feathers or more likely wing primaries are damaged – or maybe just lazy ha. If there is anything like here, then there are a lot more of those “Chickens of the Water” hanging out in that areas as well..

    • I see only the one coot. It walks water for about 50 feet, then bobs and dunks and acts silly while it floats downstream about 50 feet, and then does it all over again. Thanks Brian.

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