The Cabin At The End Of The Caldera


At one end of the Valles Caldera in the Jemez is a cabin that sits all alone with nothing else around for miles. I was told this might be a cabin used in the Longmire TV series. I wouldn’t know as I have never seen or read Longmire. The first time I saw Longmire’s name was on a bumper sticker on a 1946 Ford pickup truck that read “Honesty & Integrity Walt Longmire Sheriff Absaroka County“.




26 thoughts on “The Cabin At The End Of The Caldera

  1. Who’s that tiny person next to the stream? …Hey, that’s me! Thanks for scouting the place with me Tim. It was a great day with good company.


    • I was wondering if you would find yourself at the end of the caldera finding yourself. Thanks, Ron. It was a blast.

  2. Fab presentation! I like the ….double exposure? effect.
    So remote, it scares me. In the prairies you see people living in the middle of nowhere.
    Drive for half an hour. Pass 1 home.

    • Thanks, Resa. We have areas where you drive for hours between homes. Well ranches and farms really.

  3. Beautiful images. I was there with my mom and a friend in 2013 and this brings back good memories.

    • I didn’t see an air conditioner. They have wiring in the cabin, but must use a portable propane fueled generator power when it’s occupied.

  4. your photographs are absolutely sublime, crystalline so they are clear and pure (the ir of the mountain?)
    The colors are fantastic
    I used the translator to understand your text; Perhaps this cabin is the one of the shoot you are talking about, but it looks abandoned and is very pretty

  5. Wow. Really great images. But this is actually not the cabin used at the exterior of Walt Longmire’s cabin in LONGMIRE. They did use a cabin at Valles Caldera.

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