25 thoughts on “Sunflowers Shining in the Dark

  1. Some great shots, Sir.
    I’d love a river like that near the flat, Tim.
    Mind you, I’d probably fall in, so maybe not after all. Hahaha!

  2. The sunflower shots are gorgeous!
    Does the beaver damming ever cause problems. I’ve seen some of their deadwood water forests up north. Kind of crazy, but I know there is a reason in the balance of nature, and they sure are cuties!

    • Hi Resa. The beavers don’t try to dam the Rio Grande, it’s too big. They do dam the clearwater ditch. You’ve seen my posts about the Conservancy tearing out the beaver dams. The beavers create a nice ecosystem for a lot of other wildlife, but the Conservancy, an agency that destroys more than it conserves, can’t deal with the beaver dams and tears them out.

  3. I remember goldenrod was always the first sign of the impeding autumn season. We don’t have any up here except for one plant I bought from a nursery. Beautiful photos, Tim!

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