Blue Bee

We had a busy day today. I repaired one of the drip systems first thing this morning, then we went to the 8th Air Force Historical Society luncheon. The presentation was on the declassification of Area 51 in Nevada. It was fascinating, and all the secrecy during the Cold War was for the building and testing of the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes. One thing I found really interesting is that the SR-71s were built out of titanium, which the US had to get from Russia. They said it’s still secret how they got the titanium during the cold war.

After dropping Tristan and Laurie off at Tristan’s so they could plan Easter lunch for tomorrow and then buy the ingredients, I picked up a fuel pump for the truck. I replaced the fuel pump first thing after I got home, got the truck running, then unloaded the tree trunks and branches that have been in the bed for months. After that I cleaned the gas tank and fuel lines on the mower, got it running, and mowed the irrigation ditches and a bunch of weeds.  I worked on the rototiller, and got it to start for a few seconds several times, then I discovered the fuel line is messed up — so replacing the fuel line will be my next mechanical project. I messed with the drip systems again, but they need more attention than I had time for after fixing the truck and mowing.